Our Story

Innovation will not longer come from bigger food institutions, it comes from bottom-up! Isn't that exciting?

That's why it's more important than ever that artisan food companies organize themselves in a smart and efficient way to increase their rate of success.

Kitchen Republic is the home for starting and scaling food businesses.

Our aim is to challenge the food industry by showing that production can be done differently: tastier and with more impact.

We prove that with our collective of amazing food & drink entrepreneurs, who undertake with guts and brains, instead of big budgets and easy answers.

We'd love to be your guide in the Dutch food industry, the platform for trusted B2B connections and the springboard for growth.

Kitchen Republic has created a one-of-a-kind platform where we fuel food entrepreneurs with insider knowledge, industry network and with an accessible work,- production,- and meeting space in Amsterdam- West.



Meet our team


Bart-jan veldhuizen, Co-founder

Meet the business brains behind the operation. Inspired by his visits to several of the pioneers of shared kitchen spaces in the States, Bart-Jan founded Kitchen Republic with the vision to built the ultimate food business accelerator. Practical and experimental in equal measure (maybe because he holds both Dutch AND American passports), Bart-Jan still believes that good food must be delicious before it can be anything else.


emma (veerhuis) veldhuizen, co-founder

As an entrepreneur herself (Rockstart and SFYA alumnae and founder of VanChefs online catering platform), Emma understands the ups and downs of the startup’s journey. That’s why she’s focused on developing Kitchen Republic’s community and education programs, offering the support, guidance, and insights from industry mentors who’ve been on the frontlines themselves. On the rare occasion that she stops moving, Emma is relaxing with some wine at the cozy Café de Klepel (most likely with her partner in life and business, Bart-Jan.)


bas de vries, member manager

Bas is the eyes and ears of Kitchen Republic, and if something needs doing, he’s on it. Joining the team after several years as Head of Operations for a number of food companies, Bas took on the role of “efficiency hero” as Kitchen Republic’s member community and physical space grew (and continues to grow!) He’s the problem-solver-in-chief, and when he’s not cruising around the kitchen floor, he’s obsessing over his favorite football team, Ajax.



Besides managing his own company, Baked in Amsterdam, Peter works closely from Kitchen Republic’s office with business clients, to develop new products, prototypes and food concepts. 

Peter is extremely knowledgeable in current trends of food and beverage developments going on in the world. This is why over many years he has developed numerous competitive ventures, from recipes to business concepts, for himself and others.


Emilie Funken, PR and Events manager

Meet Emilie, the PR and Event Manager of Kitchen Republic. Early in life, she discovered her big love for food, so it made sense to combine that love with her passion for branding and events. In previous years she worked in marketing/communication for several food-related companies and now brings our events to the next level. Crowdfunding drinks, workshops, the Kitchen Republic Academy, you name it and she will get it done! Emilie is also our main contact to the press, delivering with enthusiasm the Kitchen Republic story to maintain our ever-growing community. If she is not busy running around, she likes to be in the kitchen herself, always nibbling away. She also has an insatiable craving for traveling the world.


SANNE KNUBBEN, Marketing and Events intern

As a part of the last six months of the Hotel Management School Maastricht, Sanne is doing an internship at Kitchen Republic. She is going to support the team with marketing activities and the organization of events. She followed the minor Foodservice and was immediately convinced that she wants to gain experience in the innovative world of the food industry. Which place is better to collect this experience than Kitchen Republic, the hotbed of starting entrepreneurs? She’s a rough one and is looking forward to gain experience at the company. With her enthusiasm she will be committed to marketing activities, the organization of events and everything that goes along with this.

Quin Mero Kitchen Republic bio image

Quin Mero, Marketing Intern 

As Kitchen Republic’s new marketing intern, Quin is here to help wrangle social media content, internal and external community outreach, and eat every treat placed in front of her. With a Marketing degree under her belt and experience working alongside creative local chef’s in Amsterdam, she's ready to put her eating fury and brain to the test by creating quality content that's absurdly useful and effective.


Our Partners

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