Kitchen Republic Academy for food startups

Kitchen Table Sprint: four steps from food idea to food businessplan

Are you ready to get serious about turning your good food idea into a great food business, but feel stuck when facing overly-complicated business planning tools?

Join us for a hands-on workshop where food business meets design thinking. We’ll guide you through four simple steps that will help bring your concept into focus. At the end of the evening, you’ll leave with a clear pitch and a sharp launch plan!

Here’s how we’ll spend our time:

Step 1: Start with your Why

Your product’s success lives at the sweetspot where what you create connects with who you are. In our first exercise, we’ll work on:

  • Articulating the story behind your food product/business;
  • Defining your food values;
  • Finding tangible ways your product can reflect your values.

Step 2: Describe your What

For our second exercise, we’ll dig in to envisioning your customer and considering their needs, concerns, and values.

We’ll develop a unique proposition that will help you connect with the customers who will love and promote your product.

Step 3: Outline your How

Time to connect the vision to reality. How will your idea work as a business?

Together, we’ll shape up a ‘20-minute Business Plan’ that gives you a simple, straightforward view of what it will take to launch and run your business.

Step 4: Prototype your Pitch

Finally, we will pull it all together and you’ll have a chance to practice your new pitch. Share your food business idea to the group, plus a few industry experts and mentors, and get honest and actionable feedback to help you move forward. We’ll wrap up by committing to immediate action steps to keep up the momentum.

***Participants are encouraged to bring a sample of their product to include as part of our pitch session. You should prepare enough for 12-15 sample tastes.***

Food and drinks are included in the price of your ticket.

Your Workshop Hosts:

Heather Eddy, facilitator

Heather is the founder of Robust, a platform and community for food founders. For nearly 20 years, she has led teams around the world with companies like adidas, Phillips, Gilt, and Capital One, developing digital and physical products and launching new ventures. Now she is focused on using her expertise to help food entrepreneurs shape, test, and launch their businesses through individual coaching and hosting events. Heather has also run two food businesses and was one of the first members of Kitchen Republic. She is determined to bring excellent bagels to Amsterdam.

Emma Veerhuis, facilitator

Emma is the co-founder of Kitchen Republic, a shared culinairy co working space. A shared kitchen where local food producers, quality caterers and food/drink startups can grow their business with minimized risk. By offering shared kitchen space and professional equipment they lower the barrier to entery for culinairy entrepreneurs. In the Amsterdam Houthavens they offer 900m2 production space, work on the possibilities to sell and open up our network of food experts.

The evening will also include the peer mentorship of several Kitchen Republic members.