And the winner of the Mattmo Branding Award is..........

….. a development of a Brand Identity for Tiara Nataf with Naturally Granola!  

At the closing of the Kitchen Republic Academy, Monique Mulder of Mattmo Creative presented the Mattmo Branding Award to Tiara Nataf of Naturally Granola: she has been awarded the development of a Brand Identity!  Congrats Tiara!!

Mattmo works for large and established parties in the food industry, such as Dutch Cuisine, Brandt & Levie, Lindenhoff, Vezet and Kesbeke. Mattmo supports the food startups of Kitchen Republic with great enthusiasm: they contribute to a more diverse and sustainable food landscape in the Netherlands. To Mattmo, the transformation in the food landscape works bottom-up, and that is why they are happy to support these initiatives so in profiling themselves as well as possible and achieving visibility.  

As Brand builders, we understand how important a Brand Identity is for a company and its products. From the start it is important to have a clear, authentic, and credible Brand Identity in order to profile yourself successfully on the market. It is the tailor-made jacket that the entrepreneur himself must continue to wear and show. 

Mattmo previously created Brand Identity for Kitchen Republic startups such as Spruit , Rich Pork , Jolly , BISQ and a.o. Krusli . And of course the Brand Identity of Kitchen Republic!

Mattmo Creative wishes all Kitchen Republic Academy participants lots of success in further developing their business!

A Brand Identity stands for who you are and besides the visual identity it is also "the story to tell" and the attitude that it exudes. Like to know more? Let Mattmo know via or call: +31 (0)20 420 6773. We are happy to help you!

Emma Veerhuis