Cook up your business


A commercial kitchen with professional cooking equipment

Kitchen Republic's aim is to provide easy access to a professional kitchen space and cooking equipment for local food producers, food-startups and quality caterers.
We provide a springboard
to successful growth.

A great network of fellow producers

Successful growth
Kitchen Republic offers the right set of ingredients for starting entrepreneurs to take advantage of the opportunities that are being offered. With 9.000 sq ft of production space in the easily accessible Amsterdam Houthavens we offer a shared production space with commercial grade equipment. Here we work together to offer more opportunities to sell and open up our food business related network.

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“You will find food innovation in a contemporary creative manner at Kitchen Republic"

Hans Steenbergen, oprichter Food Inspiration

"We work closely together with the most innovative local food initiatives. This is a great source of inspiration for our own business. Here, you will only find people with a devoted passion for the product that they're making."

Martijn, Founder of Gebroeders de Wolf

"I've been working with Kitchen Republic for almost a year now...The connections I have made there have helped me to grow my business faster than I expected.”

Edwin Sander, founder of Food Creativ.

"Kitchen Republic and Marqt gladly give space to bold entrepreneurs with a genuine passion for the development of new, tasty and sustainable products."

Meike Beeren, Founder of Marqt


  • Access to a professional kitchen
  • Kitchen Republic as your delivery and company address
  • Access to memberoffices
  • Waste disposal (glass, paper and other waste)
  • Amenities included
  • Maintenance and general upkeep of kitchen equipment and appliances.
  • HACCP temperature loggers in walk-in fridge and freezer
  • Cleaning
  • A great network of people with the right experience and knowledge

Please contact us, to discover what your possibilities are.