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Launched in October 2018, the Kitchen Republic Academy is designed for chefs, producers and farmers who want to bring their food business idea to market successfully. Our hands-on learning program is aimed at providing aspiring and emerging entrepreneurs the practical guidance and insightful expertise of peer and industry mentors to turn good food ideas into great food businesses.

From immersive business design and planning workshops to tactical deep-dives on important topics like HACCP certification and proper labeling, the Academy will be your partner on the food entrepreneurship journey.


In addition to our weekly workshops, the Academy also offers even more opportunities to work on your food business:

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food discovery tour by bike

One of the fist sessions of the Academy is a fun afternoon cycling around town to meet some of Amsterdam’s most interesting food entrepreneurs…and sample their tasty goods!


retail/ wholesale sampling day

Nothing is more important to a food entrepreneur than getting feedback directly from their customers. Spend one day to gain valuable insight and exposure for your business, via our program.


KItchen use

We’re offering our fully-equipped kitchen for you to get hands-on with your product development in a professional setting, working alongside our helpful member businesses. Three days of free kitchen use are included in the program.


About the Program


Module One:
The Basics

Our first four weeks kick things off with an overview of each of the essential elements that form your core offering. We start with an understanding of your unique point-of-view, the “WHY” that motivates you to do what you do. Next, we get to know your target customers: who they are, their values and their needs, and how to reach them. Then, we help to fine-tune your product with the help of industry experts and peers. Finally, we cover the “HOW” of making your business work: your operations, your business model, and yes, your financials.

What we’ll focus on:
Week 1: Your startup story. Why are you doing this? Why now? What’s your background?
Week 2: Defining your target customer. Who can’t live without your product and why?
Week 3: Test and improve your recipes together with chefs and food professionals.
Week 4: What’s your business model and how does it fit in the Dutch food landscape?

Module Two:
The Details

The core of our program is all about digging into the details that build up a strong foundation for your business to grow. First, we translate our story and personality into a unique and ownable brand identity, across your design, packaging, and tone of voice. We then take your brand story a step further, and turn our target customer insights into a tribe of advocate and promoters with a clear communications strategy. Then it’s time to look under the hood to get your production and supply chain in line, and your back-office accounting in order.

What we’ll focus on:
Week 5: How to build a brand people love, with packaging that jumps off the shelf!
Week 6: Defining your impact and creating a more sustainable, ethical food chain.
Week 7: How to optimize your production, operations, and HACCP compliance.
Week 8: What does success look like, and how to measure it for long-term sustainability.

Module Three:
The Pitch

Our program wraps up with three hands-on sessions that transform all of your progress into a sharp and compelling pitch, to be presented in front of an impressive audience of industry leaders and experts. Part One is a deep-dive into the Mind of the Buyer, a chance to listen and ask questions to a group of pros who’ve been responsible for curating product selections at scale for Marqt, De Kweker, Albert Heijn, and more. Part Two is a chance for one-on-one direction with an expert pitch coach. Part Three is a rehearsal and (super-honest) feedback session to get you good and ready for the main event!

What we’ll focus on:
Week 9: What’s a buyer’s mindset, and how to prepare for and navigate negotiations.
Week 10: Learn to formulate your short and sweet story with a professional pitch coach.
Week 11: Take your pitch for a test-drive and get feedback from your peers and mentors.
Week 12: The Big Day! Pitch your food business to leaders of the Dutch food industry. 


Are you looking to take your food business to the next level?



Our flagship program is specially designed for emerging entrepreneurs who’ve spent a year or less working on turning their good idea into a great business. We’ll help you take the next steps in turning your vision into reality.



LAUNCHING IN 2020! We’re currently developing a second program tailored to helping startups create an actionable strategy for scaling their business. We’ll help you develop the growth plan that fits with your life and business goals.


curious foodies

Are you exploring turning your food hobby into a business, or just looking for a fun and inspiring session to plug into the Amsterdam food scene. We offer a wide variety of workshops, events, trend tours, and tasting sessions all year!




How much does the Academy cost?

Our goal was to make the program as affordable and accessible as possible to a startup’s lean budget. However, we ask our participants to pay a one-time, non-refundable fee of €750 in order to ensure their commitment to the program.

Who should apply?

We’re actively selecting food startups whose mission is aimed at creating positive impact with a healthy balance between people, planet and profit. The startups who’ll find the greatest value in what our program offers tend to be in the early-stages of business development, active for no more than one year, but with a clearly defined and ideally, prototyped and tested product.

How do you select participants?

Once all application forms are submitted, we’ll do a first round of evaluation in order to create our long-list of candidates. We will let you know if you’ve been invited to our second round within one week following the application deadline.

Next, we will schedule a time for you to come into Kitchen Republic for a mini-pitch (it’s good practice!) to our panel of judges. You’ll have 15 minutes to introduce yourself and your product/concept with a taste test and opportunity for Q&A.

If you are invited to pitch at our Selection Day, we ask that you arrive on time (which means 10 minutes early!), be professional, and most importantly, be prepared! Please bring enough of your product for five samples/taste tests.


Still have a few questions?
Send us an email or give us a call: 0613053564



Meet the Academy Team 

Every week, Kitchen Republic Academy brings you insights and expert guidance from some of Amsterdam’s leading food entrepreneurs and industry influencers. But behind the scenes, we’ve got an awesome team of food business coaches who’ve designed and delivered a best-in-class program.

Emma Veerhuis is the co-founder of Kitchen Republic, and is on the hot list of Amsterdam’s most influential foodies. She’s also a Rockstart alumnae and food entrepreneur behind catering startup VanChefs.

Bunmi Okolosi is a London-born and bred food business coach and consultant (Kajola) who’s worked with the legendary Heston Blumenthal and has launched some of Amsterdam’s coolest hotspots and brands.

Heather Eddy is a NYC expat who’s spent over 20 years leading product design and innovation with Fortune 500s and startups around the world, and is also a Kitchen Republic member, with her bagel bakery, Flo’s Appetizing.

Our program is also supported by Marqt, Rabobank, De Kweker, and Food Inspiration Magazine, plus many other contributors who’ve generously lent their time and expertise.